About Us

A Short History

Veterans2Veterans Group ("V2VG") was created in 2017 by Eric McNail, a disabled veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, who served with the US Army's 101st Airborne Division. With the support, encouragement, and involvement of his friends and fellow veterans, Patrick Hazlet, Colin Smith, and Chuck Bradley, our humble charity was born.

Originally meant to serve veterans of the armed forces, our bylaws were quickly changed to also serve first responders, caregivers of disabled veterans/first responders, and qualifying family members of veterans/first responders. The scope of aid has evolved as well, from assistance with research and paperwork submission to tangible financial aid, which includes assistance with past due utilities and rent, emergency food and fuel (home or vehicle), clothing and personal hygiene items, and more. We are staffed 100% by volunteers, so all donations go directly to the people we serve.

Although we are a New Hampshire-based charity, we have collaborated with veteran assistance agencies throughout the United States, as far west as California and as far south as Florida.

What sets us apart from other agencies is our ability to move very quickly in verifying eligibility and need, and then having our Board of Directors vote on providing assistance. This is due to our eight Board members staying in close communication and not being burdened by unnecessary red tape that other organizations face. We like to think of ourselves as a "tactical charity."

Our motto is "Family Through Service," which we live by keeping what we do personal. We never view the veterans, first responders, and their family as case numbers, but as real people who we are honored to help.

V2VG Mission

Dedicated to the highest level of charitable aid to veterans, first responders, and their direct families by providing aid, resource assistance, and respite events with the integrity and pride our heroes deserve.

Assistance Qualifications

Active Duty (including National Guard and Reserve)
Please submit a copy of your ID card, command letter, or current LES.

Please submit a copy of your DD-214 or VA card.

First Responder (Law Enforcement, Corrections Officers, Dispatchers, Firefighters, and EMT)
Please submit a copy of your current department ID or command letter.

Family Members & Caregivers
Legal dependents of the veteran, such as a spouse, widow, child, or grandchild (if grandparent was in loco parentis) of active duty, veteran, or first responder. Live-in caregivers (must provide proof) are also eligible.

We do not typically assist dishonorably discharged veterans, or those with domestic or sexual assault felonies.

V2VG Board of Directors

Eric McNail, President
David Fowler, Treasurer
Sean MacKay, Secretary
Jen McNail, Store Manager V2VG Thrift
Nancy MacKay, Assistant Manager V2VG Thrift
Mike Rodrigues, Board Member
Gwyn Grassett, Board Member
Rebecca Metcalf, Board Member