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Yard Sale: October 15

If you have items to donate, or can help with organizing before/during/after please contact us. Or just come and shop! We always have the largest yard sales with a variety of furniture, household goods, games, tools, clothes, and more! The cost of each item is whatever you feel comfortable donating.
Address: 61 Redington St, Littleton NH


Military Sexual Trauma

Military Sexual Trauma

One in three female veterans and one in fifty male veterans report incidents of Military Sexual Trauma.

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rocky trail in the fall

Mountain Sage: Guts, Determination & Parkinson's

A veteran's physical and spiritual journey with Parkinson's and hiking the AT.

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photo of lisa horne and v2vg staff

Perseverance & Hope: Lisa Horne’s Recovery Story

The inspiring journey of SFC Horne

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