Perseverance & Hope: Lisa Horne’s Recovery Story

Lisa Horne, SFC (Ret) is truly an inspiration and not only to members of the military who have been severely injured, but to anyone who has suffered extreme trauma and was not expected to live, never mind make remarkable advances on the road to recovery. She truly exemplifies the characteristics of strength and perseverance in the face of life-altering adversity.

Lisa's hobbies included motorcycles, horses, and a variety of outdoor activities, but she wanted more out of life and greatly desired to serve her nation. In keeping with her family's long tradition, she enlisted. Lisa joined the U.S. Army in her late thirties, but still was able to keep up with the young recruits! SFC Horne was kept busy in the military; she was deployed twice to Afghanistan in support of OEF and rotated twice to the Republics of South Korea.

However, after redeploying back to the United States, Lisa's life was about to change forever. In March of 2018, Lisa Horne was enjoying a ride on her motorcycle near Fort Bragg, NC. She was merging onto the highway and was struck by a tractor trailer unit. In the ensuing accident, SFC Horne suffered a massive brain injury, her left leg was torn off, her spleen was ruptured, she broke several ribs, and her clavicle was busted. Needless to say, her heart stopped beating, but luckily she was resuscitated in time to save her life and she came out of the coma she had fallen into.

Lisa was still on active duty with the Army at the time, so they immediately set to work about taking care of her and providing her with a Medical Retirement and diability rating. This took longer than expected due to the extensive nature of her injuries. However, thanks to the intervension of multiple government officials, local Veterans charities, and the unwavering love, support, and determination of her family and most especially her mother, Lisa was Medically Retired with full VA benefits.

After an exceptionally long battle with her injuries and the system, SFC Horne is now back home in New Hampshire under the care and support of her mother Sandra, where she participates in various sorts of treatment for people with extensive injuries which, in her case not only include the loss of a leg, but a Traumatic Brain Injury.

SFC Lisa Horne may not be able to ride her motorcycles anymore, but she can and does participate in equine therapy and she absolutely loves the horses she is able to have a connection with. Lisa will never be the same, but she has come such a long way in her recovery that is nothing short of miraculous. Not only did she survive the accident and resulting surgeries, but she also recovered to the point where she can engage with her family and friends and participate, at her ability level, in many of the things she loves and that give her joy, happiness, and hope.

Her tenacity and love of life itself is enough to give us all hope that no matter what our situation, maybe we can make the best of it and keep going. We can keep our chin up and keep on fighting. Just like Lisa. Life is worth living, always.